Tuesday, May 09, 2006

Successful event

The event for LARA on May 6th was wonderful. The ladies in this chapter are quite simply, amazing. Everyone pitched in and helped out even if they hadn't officially volunteered to do so. Jodi Gottlieb, Deanne Avner and Trish Cerrone worked their butts off as coordinators of the workshop. It was a super day.
Shelley Bradley taught us how to write sexier scenes and Susan McCarty talked about what editors are looking for in submissions. The two balanced each other beautifully with me being the "ham in the sandwich" or otherwise known as the M.C. (a rather spacey M.C. if you ask me.) I've been having gall bladder attacks and have to have a scan this week. From the sounds of things they will have to remove that sucker and toss it in the trash. Good riddance.
Anyway back to the event, I had a doozy of an attack the evening before and got about two hours of sleep, I was functioning on automatic pilot all day Saturday. Fortunately in one of my twenty-nine careers (previously mentioned) I did a stint in development and fundraising which meant putting on special events. Trish was in Hong Kong so most of the luncheon fell to me. I think I pulled it off but how I'm not sure. I tried to make it fun after the intense morning of "learning how to write hot sex scenes." Probably just made a fool of myself. Oh well, too bad, the harm is already done so no sense stewing over it. (grin)
I had an appointment yesterday with a psychic who channels spirit guides. This is the second time I've met with him and he was spot-on in the last session. This time I told him I might have to have surgery. He told me he could see a sac containing green goop. I burst out laughing and said, "Yep, that would be my gall bladder." Anyway, he assures me all will be fine and this will be a major turning point for me, no more feeling poorly and my energy will be back. Yay! Can't wait. So far 2006 has been a bumpy ride. And he also told me I need to take the trip I've been contemplating and I have to write the story. He was talking about my trip to Australia and described scenes for the book that could only be the tropics. So, I guess I leave the Hannukah story for someone else and focus on my tropical adventure. My hero is sooooo happy. He's been bugging me to tell his story.
Now back to work, I'm putting the spit and polish on my manuscript, The Good Luck Penny, just in case I get a request from Lucienne Diver for a more in depth look. Plus I'll pitch it to an editor at the National convention in July. Haven't heard back from Anna Genoese but it's still early. Perhaps I'll get an appointment with her at National. I can continue to dream, this is my blog. (grin)
As soon as I'm finished polishing this manuscript I'm going to outline my adventure story and possibly take the trip home in the early fall. No more wimpy ghosts and friendly witches, all characters will be firmly anchored in this world ... well, at least this world as we know it.