Monday, September 25, 2006

Before we know it, October will be here. This is my favorite month in the States as well as in Australia. I was born in October but in the spring, and my Mum said she was sitting in her hospital room in Tasmania looking out at the new born lambs frolicking in the fields while she nursed me. I love the month because in either hemisphere it's always just about perfect as far as beauty and temperature are concerned. Even though the California desert doesn't have a dramatic change of seasons, as far as foliage goes, it has its own special way of indicating winter is only a couple of months away. We call them cool nights and wonderful cool mornings.
Excellent walking weather.

I've finally written the end on my story, Gone Tropical. It was such a fun write that I felt I'd been left behind while my hero anfd heroine sailed off somewhere on a wonderful cruise, or took a vacation, or attended some big event and just forgot all about me. And I was the one who created them. How selfish can these kids get? : )

I've put the story out to my Beta readers, Gail, Gayle, and Laura. I call them my Roadrunners after the birds that frequent our neighborhood. This is the first time I've used the Roadrunners and they are excited to do this for me --I'm both nervous and excited. These women are avid readers and we walk the lake with our dogs and talk and share info on the latest books we've read, in addition to which stores are having a fab sale, what new restaurant has opened, or what is playing at the movies or the theater.

I do have a wonderful critique group, the Four Fabulous Fictionists, Janet, Gina, Trish and yours truly. We've been together for quite a few years now and also have a couple of honorary members, D'Anne and Thieme. These ladies are amazing for looking at my story from a writer's perspective, keeping me on track, correcting errors and flying finger typos, bolstering me when the going gets tough, and generally just being good friends.

The Roadrunners will do straight reads and comment on tone, where I could have expanded my story or plot, if I goofed up on tying up a thread, or if I've gotten too mushy or not mushy enough. I think it will be helpful to get the pure reader perspective and I'm looking forward to their comments.

Nothing more to report on, other than the germ of a new story has started to form. Several threads started around the lake a couple of weeks ago, and yesterday I had an almost complete plot line. I'm going to sit down and play with the ideas, if it takes off, the story will be set here in the desert and will be a contemporary Gothic with a legend that dates back to the early settlement of the Coachella Valley.