Saturday, April 01, 2006

I'm a Cherry Bomb

Well, I'm proud to say I'm a Cherry Bomb. A member of a truly cool blog. : ) It's official, we got the official wave of the wand from the blog queen, Jenny Crusie, and a giant raspberry from her collaborator, Bob Mayer, this morning. They have a blog on called the dueling blog. It's great. They alternate posts in the "he said, she said" mode.
Go visit. You get a look at the inside of collaborating on the writing of a novel, in addition to viewpoints from both sexes. Plus some excellent writing tips and an idea of what a book tour consists of, and always a shot of humor. And you get to listen to their spats. Not that they have that many in the public venue. They really quite like each others differences.
They're about to begin a major book tour for their first collaboration, Don't Look Down, which sounds like it will be a blast. Won't attempt to explain it here, go to their website. You'll enjoy it. Honest. The book release date is April 4th, 2006. I have my books on order and some people started picking theirs up today. I couldn't wait so drove in to the Palm Desert B&N, but no, they are sticklers for doing things right. : ) I have to go back on Tuesday.
But you know, it's interesting how things play out in life, it was kind of quiet in the store and the clerks and I started talking and laughing about the book. One thing led to another and I gave them my business card and told them I was the President of the Los Angeles Romance Authors. I told them I was organizing a bookfair in June in L.A. and had lined up some super authors. Next thing I know I'm talking with the CRM and we're planning on doing a similar event in the desert. We'll meet again in a couple of weeks and confirm a date. I love spontaneous things like that.
So, let's see what else is new. I'm sending off a submission to Anna Louise Genoese at Tor Books, on Monday. Wish me luck. I also have an idea for her request for a mystical Hannukah book. It's been rolling around in my head for two days. Ever since I read her blog where she said she's looking for something along that line. I think I'll write it anyway, even if she rejects the idea. I've got lots of Bubbie and Zada stories. My story is a bit chick-lit though and I'm not sure she'll like that, still it keeps getting bigger and bigger and is pushing the romantic adventure story to the back burners. Who knows. Maybe I'll write them both this year. If that's so I'd better get cracking, guess I'd better start now.

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