Tuesday, April 03, 2007

I'm back!

Wow! I can't stop writing (despite having a toothache that had to wait until today before the dentist could see to it AND do a darn root canal.) Man, last Thursday I was typing away and took a swig from a cold water bottle. A pain like you wouldn't believe ran straight down to my toes. I swear! (Well, I did too, but I won't tell you what I said.) I jumped up and ran to the kitchen and swished my mouth out with warm salt water. Then I called the dentist's office. He was on vacation until Tuesday!

This has been an amazing week and I've accomplished so much. The deconstruction (and reconstruction of Beyond the Shadows) is almost completed. Then I'm giving it another read through and submitting it. I really like what I've done with the story and I love my characters. I always did, but with the rewrite they have become more real, well-rounded, really likeable. Just hope I can do the same with Gone Tropical, because it is going to go through the same process, and probably I'll be starting it next week.

Only one person, one agent, has seen GT, so I'm going to pitch it at RWA National in Dallas. Have to go this year because my critique buddy, Trish Cerrone, is a Golden Heart finalist. Her second final in two years. Yay, Trish! I need to go to applaud, whistle, and cry when she wins. She's a fabulous writer.

Finally made my decision on conferences for the year. Unfortunately, I won't go to Australia. My kids want to come with me and visit with family and that's just too darned expensive for this year. That would blow my entire vacation and conference budget. We'll do a family trip next year.

Have revisted my one year and five year goal plan and adjusted those. Now I'm ready to rock 'n roll. Look out world, here I come.

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