Sunday, March 14, 2010

Great weekend.

I had a super weekend. I hope you did too.

Mine started out with a shopping spree for a new bathing suit...and I just said this was a good weekend, go figure.

On Friday I'd gone swimming with a gal pal and we were both complaining about our droopy bottoms...not ours of course, but the bottoms of our suits. My friend says it's the chlorine that weakens the material. Hmmm? Why then does the rest of it stay intact? I'm not sure, but I think it happens because everytime I climb out of the spa or the pool I self consciously tug the bottom of the suit to make sure my bottom is covered. You do that too, right? So my theory is, we weaken the elastic by being prudish. If we weren't so shy and just let the droopy bits show, our suits would last longer.

Anyway, I hate shopping for a bathing suit, it's right up there with paying taxes, and going to the dentist, maybe not quite as bad as public speaking, but you get my drift. I thought suit buying would take up the better part of Saturday. My friend and I walked into the store, and I immediately found three suits I liked and everyone of them fit nicely. How about that for luck? One was such a perfect fit and style and color, I was actually excited to buy it. That never happens. I threw in a coverup for good luck, and we went home, changed, and hit the pool.

Today, a neighbor comped me some tickets to our annual art fair in the park. It's a huge four day event. There were even more vendors than in years past, and some of the ceramics, and the iron and brass sculptures, were gorgeous. Of course we stopped at every jewelery stand, and there were a ton of those. There were traditional and contemporary artworks, paintings, glass blown items, beaded suncatchers, you name it it was there. I think it hit 85 degrees today, and there was not a cloud to be seen in the bright blue sky. I invited a friend, and we had a great time. We walked around for three hours. Then we sat by the the lake and ate jumbo dogs that were cooked on the open grill, and we put everything on them, even onions, and had no heartburn. : ) That's always a plus for me.

When we got home, we put our new bathing suits on again and went for a swim. No droopy bottom. That suit is marvellous. And you know what? I think it even makes me look slimmer. And remember, I'd just eaten a jumbo dog. Do you think it could be a magic suit and tomorrow I'll wake up and it will have disintegrated? It could happen, but I really, really hope not.

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