Saturday, May 28, 2011

Short memory.

I have an "everything that needs attending to list" on my computer, and as soon as something is completed it's deleted from the list, kissed goodbye, sent on its way, whatever. Being organized has always been something I've needed in my life. I'm a list maker. I love routine. And I don't like clutter. But I swear that I have the shortest memory of anyone I know. I've given away stuff, donated stuff, and then within a year or so bought a similar item.

When I moved to this home six years ago, I bought a treadmill. This is a small home, so there isn't any place you can hide a monstrous piece of equipment. After two years I donated it to a charitable organization because aesthetically the machine did not appeal to me. Every time I saw it it jarred my nerves, even though I loved working out. My motto is, if it isn't pretty it has to go. I swore there would be no more gym equipment in my house. Ever. Two years later I bought a spinner bike. But at least it's small and not offensive, and I do use it a few times a week. ; )

A few months ago I started getting the desire to workout on a treadmill again. I'm not kidding. A real desire, but not one that required being in a place with other people sweating and huffing. Of course then I started thinking about buying a machine, even though there is a small HOA gym in the development I live in. That would be too simple, right?

So, forgetting all past experiences with home gym equipment, I made many trips to many stores. I took measurements. I compared prices. I rearranged furniture in order to accommodate said machine. I weighed and balanced the lower price with having to put the thing together myself. Have you ever tried to move one of those suckers in Costco or WalMart? I realized I wouldn't be able to bring it home in my car. I'd have to hire someone to do that, plus get it into the house, plus put it together. So, if I was indeed getting another treadmill it would have to be higher priced and from a store that could do all of the heavy lifting. But that was an added expense I did not want. I had the Aussie trip to make. Oh, and the annual taxes. So I shelved the idea and took the trip, and paid Uncle Sam, and totally disregarded the jiggle of my hips.

Last week, I was going over my "list" and spotted the word treadmill, and it wasn't crossed off. Oh no! That invoked a pressing desire, all over again, to buy a treadmill and have the convenience of working out on my own time, in my underwear, and not have to talk to anyone. Did I mention already that I have a short memory? Well, this time I caught myself in mid-action. I tried a new tactic and decided to give the gym a chance. I'm now working out and loving it. And I've chosen a time of day when nobody else is there...lunchtime. Crafty, huh? I still have to wear clothes, but heck, it's almost as good as having the machine in my house.


lora96 said...

Okay, I need you to brainwash me.

Will you do that?

Because I'm (a) really disorganized and lazy about it and (b) have NEVER had a true desire to exercise for my health/appearance or any other reason.

Motivate me?

Robena Grant said...

Motivate you? Hmmm? Okay Lora, you asked for it. : ) I say do it so you can enjoy your older years. how's that?
I don't know your age but as you get older your body changes due to hormonal levels or lack therof. I'm sixty three this year. A woman's tummy area gets fatter, her waist thickens, her bottom gets flatter after menopause. If you're smart you get ahead of that in the pre-menopausal years.
My weight has been consistent for the past ten years but I still eat way too much. ; ) After having an arthroscopy on my knee I knew I had to reduce my weight to take the stress off that joint. But I couldn't go at it hard and strong like I did when I was younger. I set a goal. Lose six pounds a year and keep them off. Build muscle. Baby steps. Baby steps. Nothing drastic in exercise or diet. Ever.

Skye said...

I have the motivation to be much more mobile than my Grandmother was. Of course, I'm not letting that motivation motivate me nearly enough.

I hurt my foot from walking too far in new sneakers when I had been sedentary for too long. It's healing, but now I AM motivated to work up slowly so I can walk when I want where I want as fast as I want.

Clutter? I need to hire a declutter specialist just to get me to the starting point! Hate clutter. Blah.

So you go, Robena, for keeping those goals and following those goals.

Robena Grant said...

Thanks, Skye. You know I tried to post on your blog yesterday and it wouldn't accept. I might try again later.

I had hurt my left foot when I did a bit too much in the beginning. I had to rub the Achilles tendon with Dencorub before and after walking. I think the tendon had gone into shock. : )