Sunday, February 19, 2006

More Time To Write

Second meeting as President of LARA. Still a lot of work but it’s starting to feel more comfortable. I miss my critique group. I’m writing again. The Good Luck Penny is taking shape. It’s a hospital setting, ICU with near death experiences, but with a twist. We’ll see if I can get it done to pitch at the Desert Rose. There’s another story hovering and I’ve written down the outline and told my pushy hero he has to wait his turn. The story excites me though. Hmmmm? Or maybe it’s the hero? Secondary characters are beginning to emerge. It won’t be a paranormal it’s more of a romance/mystery. It has an American hero and heroine on an adventure in the tropics of Australia. Shhh. that’s all I’m saying at this point but I love the title, which I’m not disclosing yet. I’m busy working on arranging a bookfair with B&N and have a stellar line up of authors to follow our June 11th meeting, book signers will be: Susan Mallery, Mollie Mole’, Brenda Scott Royce, Christie Ridgway, Elda Minger, Jane Thompson, Charlotte Maclay, and Leigh Court.

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