Tuesday, February 28, 2006

The New Robena

I began 2006 with the idea of reinventing myself and kick-starting my American career as a published author. I’ve been published with poetry and short stories, and twice entered into partnership publishing in Australia with two women’s fiction novels. But that’s another whole story. Anyway, I decided to write under a pseudonym and chose my maiden name because:

(a) it feels like me
(b) it sounds like me
(c) it’s easy to spell and
(d) there’s no longer a husband.

My married name was a pain, nobody ever got it right. Then I decided as an author to use my given name rather than an abbreviation. People complained that they could never find my website. Who but an author or a Scotsman would know how to spell Robena? All of that aside, it has been a busy first quarter of the year, nothing exciting like a book contract or an agent signing me, but then again, if I actually got my work out there ….
So here I sit with this absolutely wonderful new website, designed by my friend and fellow LARA member, Sandra Kleinschmitt. I’m excited about using my maiden name, I’ve organized my office, bought a laptop and gone wireless, ordered new business cards that reflect my new name, and I find I’ve got not much of anything to tell you. So I’m going to backtrack to the 1st of the year, to the moment that I took this concept and turned it into a reality.

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