Wednesday, March 01, 2006

Yeah. I'm alive!

This is a good day. My new website goes live and I'm now a blogger! Yeah me! And, I just got back from the P.O. where I braved it and sent a submission of The Legend of Crying Girl Creek, to SuperRomance. Heck they can only say no. And didn't I say I love rejections? They build character, right? I've registered for RWA National conference. Lookout Atlanta! Somewhere in this crazy year, I need to go to Australia to visit my family and do some research. Wish their RWA national convention wasn't so close to ours, it's in August, and much as I'd love to go at that time, I can't do back-to-back National conferences. I'm tired just thinking about it.

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AnnaLisette said...

Congratulations on going live!

I have my fingers crossed for you on Legend. You have to let me know when you hear back from them.

Have fun if you get to Australia. You should go in the winter though, nothing is better than a tan when you get back.