Saturday, June 24, 2006

Having Fun Again

So I had another rejection and this one explained more of the reasons why. It seems my voice lacks spark. Well, likely so, my life has lacked spark of late. : ) It's funny how life, our moods, our illnesses can get in the way and muddy up the works. I knew there was something wrong with my stories but couldn't figure it out. They just seemed flat, kind of like my affect. Hah!

Guess that's what you get from living in a computer chair rather than getting out and embracing life. So I'm doing that now. Embracing life. I'm socializing more, I'm swimming daily, walking my dog and chatting with neighbors, I even bought a treadmill so I can take off some of the pounds that I've wanted to get rid of for years. My dog, Nikki, was getting chubby, too. The Vet put her on the Eukanuba diet and I told Nik if she lost ten pounds I'd lose twenty. That was last October. Well, Nik took off her ten pounds and I think I lost two. Guess I'll have to start chowing down on kibble or walk faster. (grin)

I'm finally writing again and believe it or not, I'm having fun. This story is unfolding faster than I can type it. I started to outline, started to block out my story scenes, but kept getting drawn back to the computer with the actual story. So I gave up and just started typing. I've gone back to being this weird seat-of-the-pants type writer who listens to the voices in her head and just lets the story unfold however it wants to. Of course, I'll go back in later and make sure I've covered all of the basic elements of story telling, maybe vamp up certain aspects of it, but for now I'm having fun. Later on I'll put it before the critical eyes of my critique group but first I'll write my story the best way I know how, by just doing it.

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Sandra Richards said...

Sometimes going back to your roots is what you gotta do. And I can't wait to read what you've written!

BTW ... I put up a blog post that links back to an article on your site, the one about networking. The post is up here: Blog.