Saturday, July 08, 2006

Temperature rising but temper is calm

With the current temperatures being in the 108 to 110 degree Fahrenheit range there is not much to do but stay inside. A writer's dream, right? Yes and no. If the muse hits it's wonderful, one can certainly accomplish a ton of work. If the muse is being contrary or evasive, then no, you find every possible excuse or reason to not plant your behind firmly in the chair. There are books crying out to be read, bills to pay, the house to clean, a television to watch, phone calls to make, emails and blogs to play on. Not to mention the new treadmill in the corner begging to get some action. Okay, I'll do that later, I promise.

Good for me, my muse is dancing around the edges of my mind, urging me on, whispering in my ear. It's a delight. She's been missing for some time so I'm happy to see her back again. I woke up this morning at four thirty rearing to go to the computer, but figured that was dumb. I'd gone to bed around eleven after having several glasses of merlot. I haven't been drinking much alcohol since my recent stomach ailments so I must have zonked out. Must have slept like a log for five hours, definitely a welcome treat. I'm a light sleeper and usually awaken several times a night.

So, I stayed in bed until I couldn't stand it any longer and got up around six a.m. I've been pretty much writing ever since and I loooooove how this book is shaping up. I haven't been this excited about my writing since my second book. I remember going off to a hotel and writing twenty-four seven for three days and getting that sucker finished and off to the editor. I had incredible back ache afterward but it was such an exciting weekend. That's how this one has been.

When you're in the zone there is nothing better. Nothing. Not a single solitary thing.

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